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Pre-conception nutrition status will affect adult disease rates and pathologies

Incredibly important new research has just surfaced that has tremendous ramifications with regards to the origins of disease and congenital (from birth) disorders. This research comes to use from the University of Nottingham which suggests various forms of adult health-related disorders (especially in males) can originate from the events that take place at the point of our conception! Researchers and other experts in the Schools of Biosciences and Human Development are saying that women who are ’would be moms’  should make sure they are getting the right amount of nutrient intake before they try and conceive, while they are trying to conceive and while they are pregnant. The nutrients that were especially targeted in this research were vitamins B12 and Folate. This isn’t to say that all the other micro-nutrients and minerals aren’t important; this research is merely pointing out how important even the smallest of deficits in one category can cause pathological states that may not show up in the body for decades after birth!
It has been known for some time that B vitamins are essential for healthy fetal development. But now for the very first time, scientists are reporting that even modest reductions can lead to subtle modifications to the DNA. This type of information may open the flood gates with respect to telling us why some people have weight issues, heart problems, blood sugar issues, allergies, cancer and much more. A collaborative effort between researchers is showing that male infants of 'B vitamin' deprived mothers were twenty five per cent fatter and had significantly higher blood pressure than offspring given a healthy diet in animal studies. The affect is at the DNA level, fertility it self typically isn’t hindered…it is what happens at the time of conception that shows us this period is particularly important and shows the bodies vulnerability to environmental influences that can affect our growth and development, and can lead to chemical modifications that can make permanent alterations in gene expression.
TO RECAP: This research proves the need to ensure that the person who is trying to conceive is taking B vitamins (at the very least) as they are involved in specific pathways which can influence chemical changes to DNA at the time of conception. Taking a neonatal vitamin and mineral product that is well rounded, is of extreme importance to ensure the mother and the fetus are protected and will be healthy at birth and throughout life. It is a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously, this means no coffee, drugs, cigarettes or alcohol prior to or after conception.

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